Narellan butcher wants to bring home the bacon

Knives at the ready: Brett Laws is part of Team Australia for the upcoming World Butchers' Challenge. Picture: Simon Bennett
Knives at the ready: Brett Laws is part of Team Australia for the upcoming World Butchers' Challenge. Picture: Simon Bennett

Brett Laws is hoping to be a cut above the rest.

He wants to bring home the bacon.

And he promises not to carry on like a pork chop.

If the meat-related opening didn't give it away, Mr Laws is a butcher and he'll soon be competing against the best in the business for carnivorous glory.

The Pryde Meats Narellan butcher is one of six butchers selection for team Australia in the World Butchers' Challenge to be held in California in September.

The Aussies will go up against 14 other countries in the tournament, and Mr Laws said they want to improve on our country's best previous result.

"This is like the Olympics of butchery," he said.

"Last time Australia went they came third. We're a new team and we're going over and trying to bring back the bacon, as they say."

Brett Laws. Picture: Simon Bennett

Brett Laws. Picture: Simon Bennett

The meat maestros will have three hours and 15 minutes to make as many top quality products as they can from half a body of beef, two lambs, half a pig and eight chickens.

The team holds practice runs beforehand to prepare for the Masterchef-like pressure of the event, which is being held at an NBA stadium in Sacramento.

"We have to impress the judges with skill level, make the best value-add products we can, use fresh ingredients, our rolling technique, clean bones - the stuff that comes with years of practice," Mr Laws said.

"To manage that pressure you have to be calm and focussed, and that's why we do a lot of practicing.

"This weekend we're going to a factory in Prestons and there will be 50 butchers watching us, telling us what's not good, puting us under pressure.

"When we go over to America, the crowd could be up to 15,000 people."

Once the competition is complete, all the meat products which are displayed will be donated to a charity to feed the homeless.

Equipment like knives and gloves will be given to local butchers as the team is unable to bring them back to Australia.

The team will practice together for a week before stepping into the arena.

Mr Laws said it would be amazing to take out the competition.

"When you win you get a big trophy and a lot of sponsorship, but you also get to use the 'world's best' title for beef, chicken, lamb and value-adds, as well as things like best sausage in the world," the Oran Park resident said.

"There's a little bit of prize money as well that goes back into the Australian Butcher Association.

"The event promotes the butchery industry a lot. A lot of people think it's just cutting up meat, and they don't really see the other side of the industry."

Mr Laws has been in the industry for more than 20 years and still works with his dad to this day.

You can support the Aussie team by donating to their GoFundMe campaign.

Check them out on Instagram at @australianbutcherteam and @butcher_lawsy.