City Vs country: A Sydneysider's guide to retirement locations

City Vs country: A Sydneysider's guide to retirement locations

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Sydney has been recognised for being one of the world's greatest cities for retirees for a number of years now. The city's subtropical climate provides Aussie seniors with a generous amount of sun year-round, alongside ensuring that temperatures stay more or less bearable across the seasons.

With the expansive east Australian coastline hugging the length of the greater Sydney region and the city itself growing both horizontally and vertically at a rapid rate, there are also plenty of opportunities for seniors to find the perfect beachside property, country bungalow, or even inner city dwelling to act as the setting for their long and luxurious retirement years.

Depending on what preferences you hold for your retirement years, Sydney and its surrounding suburbs may be able to provide you with the perfect setting for your own retirement.

Of course, knowing what you're looking for can make a world of difference when it comes to mapping out exactly where you see yourself settling down in your senior years. Do you foresee yourself being more of a city slicker or a country bumpkin? Are you looking at retirement villages in Sydney or cabins that are off the grid in the North Coast hinterlands?

We'll be breaking down all the top retirement locations that you'll be able to find across the Sydney region, moving from the heart of the CBD and outwards across all of the city's many suburbs and neighbouring rural townships.

Settling down in Sydney

There are plenty of positives to settling down in inner Sydney for Aussie seniors, with the city's increased accessibility being just the tip of the iceberg. Maintaining full access to all the perks of Sydney living such as the city's bustling nightlife, upscale eateries, and a wealth of daytime attractions, will ensure that seniors who do decide to call Sydney home can enjoy fun-filled days over the course of their retirement.

Alongside providing yourself with a plethora of things to see and do, senior Sydneysiders reap full advantage of being easily accessible themselves, allowing their friends and loved ones to visit them with ease and opening up the possibility of having family holidays in one of Australia's most iconic cities.

With regards to real estate options, there is no shortage of affordable housing for retirees who are looking to downsize, with plenty of units and apartments available in and around the city centre.

As far as city living goes as well, Sydney is a fairly green city, with 100 per cent of the city's electricity now being harvested with the use of renewable energy sources. So you can still enjoy fresh, country air alongside reaping all the benefits that come with urban living.

The joys of the greater Sydney region

If you do prefer a more suburban way of life, then you'll be happy to hear that the greater Sydney region will be able to deliver in a major way. Sydney is home to a number of Australia's most vibrant suburbs and townships, some of which have a variety of social or community resources designed specifically to cater to retirees.

Some suburbs are even known for their retirement communities, like the suburb of Marsfield and their Leisure Lea Gardens retirement village, one of the foremost in a handful of the region's retirement communities.

Alongside suburbs with plenty of senior outreach resources, there are many Sydney suburbs that are experiencing their own unique real estate booms at the moment as well, including Croydon, Concord, and Summer Hill in the city's west. Seniors looking to relocate to Sydney from other states may find minimal issues with securing affordable housing in any of these up and coming suburbs.

If you are thinking of residing in the greater Sydney region, it's highly recommended that you spend some time getting to know all the different locales that make up the Sydney metro, as different suburbs may be accompanied by their own regional quirks, some of which may catch your eye.

In doing so, seniors looking to relocate may very well be able to find some hidden gems of their own, alongside ensuring that whatever location they do find themselves settling in will be able to provide them with plenty of personal enrichment.

Retiring in rural NSW

If you're keen to watch the city disappear behind you in your rearview mirror on day one of your retirement, then going off the grid could be the most appealing option for you.

Thankfully, Sydney has no shortage of small coastal towns, rural areas, and many hidden gems of hamlets dotting the NSW countryside. With plenty of localities bordering some of Australia's largest national parks, any retirees who are looking to engage with the humble beauty of the Australian bush can do so across this lush, green state.

Some of the state's top rural cities are also home to unmissable Australian wine country experiences. If you choose to settle anywhere in the Southern Highlands or just to the south of the Hunter River, then chances are you'll have plenty of opportunities to savour the finer things in life throughout your years in retirement, from fine wines and country pies, to perpetually glorious weather.

Finding the perfect balance between urban and rural living

Even if after all we've explored today, you're still not entirely certain what you are looking for with regards to your perfect retirement location, then it's highly likely that you'd benefit from a region that can offer the perfect mixture of all the urban and rural elements that suit you best.

Naturally, this perfect balance is a highly subjective matter, and it can differ from person to person. Even couples who are preparing to retire together may have their own unique stipulations as to what their ideal retirement setting may look like.

You can find a location that ticks all of your boxes by developing a strong understanding of what you are looking for well before you begin your search. Taking your time and allowing yourself to explore all that Sydney has to offer may help you find the perfect backdrop for your golden years.