New poll shows support for Hume MP Angus Taylor is in decline

Hume MP Angus Taylor and independent candidate Penney Ackery. Pictures: Supplied
Hume MP Angus Taylor and independent candidate Penney Ackery. Pictures: Supplied

A poll commissioned by supporters of independent candidate Penny Ackery has claimed some stunning results.

The data, collected by independent poll agency Community Engagement, showed support for Liberal party candidate and incumbent Hume MP Angus Taylor had dropped by 21.7 per cent - from 53.3 per cent to 31.6 per cent.

It also showed that almost half (49.4 per cent) of the Hume voters surveyed did not feel confident that Mr Taylor had put the interests of the community above his own personal or business interests.

However, Hume MP Angus Taylor remained unfazed by the poll's findings.

The data also revealed that Ms Ackery's own support sat at just 7 per cent - well behind Liberal (who hold the majority), Labor, One Nation, The Greens and the United Australia Party.

Ms Ackery's campaign manager Matt Murfitt said the decline in support for Mr Taylor had kicked the campaign into "fifth gear" after its Camden Launch last month.

"Ackery has been attending multiple meetings across the electorate to listen to the needs and wants of local voters, including at Bundanoon, Canyonleigh, Mittagong and Goulburn. There are more to come in Tarago, Picton, Camden, Boorowa, and Luddenham in January alone," he said.

"Common issues raised included the preservation of the local heritage and character of the area, the need for action on climate, as well as the need for more integrity from our future representatives.

"Penny Ackery will show how real, transparent representation can and must be done in the seat of Hume.

"Based on the polling result, people are crying out for this."

Ms Ackery said she would be a voice for the community.

"You have spoken and I am listening. As your local independent candidate, this is what I intend to do, unlike the major parties," she said.

Mr Taylor did not respond directly to the claims in the poll, however he said he had "always considered it an absolute privilege to represent the people of Hume".

"I remain deeply committed to the people of my electorate. All along the Hume corridor, we are seeing growth and investment, which I'm incredibly proud of," he said.

"In the past 12 months we've seen over $1 billion invested in infrastructure in this region, and despite the impacts of the pandemic, we've also seen strong jobs growth.

"I want to see the Coalition's good work continued focussing heavily on rebuilding our economy and creating more jobs as we recover from the pandemic."

Mr Taylor increased his two-party-preferred margin from 10.18 per cent to 12.99 per cent at the 2019 election.

He said there had always been a mixture of independent, minor and major party candidates in all three of the elections he had campaigned in.

"That's what a good democracy should have, and I welcome that," Mr Taylor said.

"I stand by my track record of delivering for the people of Hume - delivering unprecedented investment, infrastructure and jobs in our wonderful local community.

"Practical local outcomes are what people in our region care about. That is my focus every day."

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