Conservative candidate wants to focus on jobs and growth

MAN OF ACTION: Conservative candidate Muhammad Farooq is keen to represent the people of Camden.
MAN OF ACTION: Conservative candidate Muhammad Farooq is keen to represent the people of Camden.

I want to be the voice of my community

Muhammad Farooq is running as an independent conservative candidate for Camden City Council in the upcoming Local Government Election on December 4.

A first-time candidate, Mr Farooq said he felt compelled to run for council as he wanted to represent the conservative citizens and families of Camden.

"I feel they are currently under-represented," he said.

Mr Farooq, 54, is a solicitor who owns his own practice and is happily married with four children. He lives at Willowdale.

He is a family-oriented and compassionate person who believes he is a good candidate for the Camden area.

"I want to be the voice of my community," he said. "I am a conservative member of the community, and my policies would reflect that.

"I will represent families and their needs, trade professionals, and small businesses and have a strong focus on local economic growth and innovation, creating local job opportunities.

"Just last week I represented my community by writing a letter on behalf of my fellow Willowdale residents requesting the council assist us with more street lights and crossings to make our area safer. I am a genuine person, honest, reliable, and hard-working. I have the capability and ability to fulfill the duties of councillor and uphold Camden Council's respectable image.

"The residents of the North Ward can count on me to always be there to help them address their concerns.

"Local government takes barren land and transforms it into sustainable cities, and I wish to be part of the team that makes this transformation possible.

"Camden has a lot of new development, and many new residents are migrating to Camden, requiring a lot of infrastructure and facilities to be built sustainably.

"I want to help make Camden a city that residents are proud to live in."

Mr Farooq said his involvement with the charitable organisation Community First had been good experience for a role in local government.

"I often organise community events, such as blood drives, human rights protests, park clean-up events, and entertainment events to bring the community together," he said.

"I often cook for the needy, in various centres around Sydney, and happily donate food and drinks. as well as my time."

You can reach Muhammad Farooq through his Facebook page or by email at: