Four must-dos to bring order to your home office

Simple tips you didn't know you didn't know to better organise your workspace. Picture: Shutterstock
Simple tips you didn't know you didn't know to better organise your workspace. Picture: Shutterstock

In the company office, work and home life are clearly separated, filing systems are in place, and usually there's a cleaner that empties your bin.

Wouldn't it be nice to have that at home?

Well, you can't remove your home from the equation, but you can follow these simple tips to better organise your workspace.

Start with a clutter audit

It can be easy to let your desk get overrun with clutter: a morning coffee cup, scattered stationery and random post-it notes ... it adds up.

Start by removing everything and wipe down the space. Remove the rubbish or dishes that need to be washed and audit what's left.

When it comes to stacks of paperwork - ask yourself what you really need and want in your space. Try to repeat this at the end of each day.

Get the right storage in place

A desk stationery organiser can keep all your pens and notes handy while keeping them neat. Invest in tiered or stackable in-trays to keep paperwork that you plan to file or need quick access to.

My favourite method for paperwork filing is hanging files, either in a drawer set or a portable suspension file box. These files are simple to label and provide easy access to all your important documents.

A small tray on your desktop is great for holding all the personal belongings like earphones or your credit card. Think about investing in a wireless keyboard and mouse so cables aren't getting in the way.

Organise your e-files

So much time is lost each week searching for electronic files and documents.

Save yourself time by making sure your electronic folders are organised and clearly labelled in a consistent manner.

This isn't just for your document folders, but photos and emails as well.

Go paperless

Becoming paperless in our work life can dramatically reduce the paper clutter around us which is also kinder to the planet.

Of course, depending on your line of work, you might have physical files and notes you need to hold onto for a while but if there's anything that can be stored digitally, do it.

Scan physical copies to your computer for saving.

Try to be realistic with the physical papers you really need - most communication these days is digital.

  • Edel Beattie is founder of The Happy Organiser and has a creative knack for crafting beautifully organised spaces to help others reclaim happiness in their homes.

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