Macarthur Matters with Mike Freelander: Labor's Buy Australian policy announced this week

Mike Freelander
Mike Freelander

The Commonwealth Government has spent approximately $190 billion in government contracts over the past three years.

$190 billion is no insignificant amount, with Government expenditure having the ability to have a significant impact on local economies.

Macarthur is home to many small and medium-sized businesses, some of them with world-leading and patented technologies that export products globally. Our manufacturing sector, in particular, employs thousands of local residents and is a critical component of our economy.

Taxpayers' money should, wherever possible, be spent locally - driving job creation and growth - as opposed to being spent offshore.

A future made here.

It is a pretty simple, yet important concept.

This week Labor has unveiled its Buy Australian Plan; a series of common-sense changes that will back Australian businesses and create local jobs under a future Labor Government.

We want to maximise the opportunities for local businesses and manufacturers to support local projects.

Labor is committed to establishing a Future Made in Australia Office and legislating rules on procurement that actively support local industry in taking advantage of government purchasing opportunities.

Too often I hear from local businesses that are overlooked, when it comes to Government contracts (particularly in the defence space), and this should not be the case.

Locally made means local jobs - and is time for the Australian Government to prioritise local jobs before spending taxpayers' money overseas.

I am committed to driving job creation and economic prosperity in our region. Our Buy Australian Plan, coupled with our policies on creating apprenticeships and stable work, will benefit local employees and employers alike.

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