Camden Matters with Therese Fedeli: Celebrate National Carers Week

Camden residents have always banded together to get behind a cause and I am so proud of the way our community followed the restrictions, getting vaccinated at incredibly high rates, assisting their neighbours and supporting our local businesses.

As we enjoy our first taste of the easing of restrictions this week, it is important to thank each one of you who put the community first in protecting yourselves and supporting each other.

While we start enjoying ourselves with our families and friends again, it is also important to not get complacent. We need to continue to comply with the restrictions and Public Health Orders.

Let's also not forget to continue being there for those who ultimately need assistance in our community.

This week we also celebrate National Carers Week, giving us an opportunity to recognise, celebrate and raise awareness among Australians about the diversity of 2.65 million carers and their caring roles.

Carers make an enormous contribution to our community and equally make a huge positive impact on those they care for.

This year more than ever a number of Camden residents have stepped up and shown their love for the Camden area and commitment to helping those in our community who need it most, proving that carers are all around you.

Now is the perfect time to nominate a carer for a limited edition #Camdenlove bear. There are five bears to choose from representing love, bravery, inspiration, sustainability and generosity.

I encourage residents to nominate a carer in their life and give them a special thank you as we celebrate National Carers Week.