Wollondilly Council calls for urgent action on Picton Road, Picton Bypass projects

Picton Road. Picture: Simon Bennett

Picton Road. Picture: Simon Bennett

Wollondilly Council is calling for urgent action on two long-awaited, major road projects in the region.

Movement has been made on upgrade plans for Picton Road and a route for the proposed Picton Bypass, however, the council wants these works to move faster.

The proposed Picton Bypass route was released in March after several years of community and council requests.

Councillor Michael Banasik said the council was again calling for immediate funding for the bypass.

"It's all well and good that they have put a line on the map but to finish it is another thing entirely," he said.

"The state government needs to fund it immediately. It was disappointing that there was nothing for it in this year's state budget.

"It is one of the council's number one priorities, we just need the commitment from the state government to build it."

The preferred bypass route will form a new stretch of road between Remembrance Driveway and Picton Road with intersections near Wonga Road and Maldon Bridge Road.

However, Transport for NSW's report on the project does not provide a timeline for completion or details for any future funding commitments.

Transport for NSW also announced a $44 million plan to fund the business case for the upgrade of Picton Road between the Wilton Growth Area and the M1 Princes Motorway.

The organisation has since called for feedback on what residents would like to see done to the road based on their experiences using the busy stretch of bitumen.

The council's submission on the project addressed key points including the urgent need for an upgrade of the Hume Freeway/Picton Road interchange.

"Council calls for the state to honour its Wilton commitment of 'No Cost to Government' and to accelerate the delivery of all (required) infrastructure needed to serve our community," the council's report said.

"Council calls for the upgrade of this important, but dangerous, corridor to motorway standard. That is, two lanes in each direction separated the entire way.

"Council calls for the opportunity to collaborate with Transport for NSW to ensure all current and forecasted growth for our shire is captured in the traffic modelling for day-to-day efficient services."

Councillor Michael Banasik said intersections along Picton Road were in dire need of upgrades.

"We have a huge development at Wilton under way and the intersections there are already a nightmare," he said.

"Those intersections need upgrading now. It can take ages for people to get onto Picton Road.

"There is a lot of focus on getting the road to be two lanes each way all the way to Wollongong - and I support that, it is needed - but the intersections should be upgraded as a matter of priority."

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