Camden Matters with Therese Fedeli: HSC assistance for local students

Therese Fedeli. Picture: Jonathan Ng
Therese Fedeli. Picture: Jonathan Ng

Students preparing for their Higher School Certificate exams have had it very tough in 2021, with so many changes to their timetables due to the pandemic.

Council and Camden Libraries have teamed up with Headspace Oran Park and Campbelltown as well as Traxside Youth Health Services to offer local students extra support with a range of special online wellbeing sessions now available.

The wellbeing sessions will give a range of tips to students to remain calm and cool headed as they continue to study and work towards their future careers.

The HSC Wellbeing Sessions will be held online every Tuesday, 5-6pm, and will include:

. Tuesday 14 September - Helping Others - learn how to make stress balls;

. Tuesday 21 September - Keep Learning - use music to improve mental wellbeing;

. Tuesday 28 September - Be Aware - a mindfulness session; and

. Tuesday 5 October - Be Active - an online Bootcamp with The Y NSW.

I encourage students interested in the wellbeing sessions to register at library.camden.nsw.gov.au/events/hsc-wellbeing-sessions

Check in on your neighbour

As we continue to live through the pandemic in the best possible way, I'd like to remind residents of the importance of checking in with friends, family members and even your dear neighbours.

Last week we supported R U OK? Day which was a great reminder to touch base with those important to us.

A conversation could make a significant impact on someone's mental health and may give someone the chance to open up and speak about how they are feeling.

Supporting each other in times of need gives us all a lift and I implore you to do your bit for our community starting today.