Boating allowed in some LGAs during lockdown but not those deemed areas of concern

Boating is a permitted activity under current lockdown rules, but only in areas outside those deemed local government areas of concern.

And while boating is allowed, the NSW Police Force's Marine Area Command said a number of rules apply.

As part of Operation Stay at Home, NSW Police have been out enforcing the current Public Health Orders, including on the water.

A NSW Police Force spokesman said the Marine Area Command had been conducting compliance checks on the water since lockdown began, with their most recent operation taking place last Friday, August 20.

"Officers from the Marine Area Command conducted an operation following recent incidents involving breaches of the public health orders on waterways around Sydney," the spokesman said.

"As part of the operation, five MAC vessels from Port Kembla, Botany Bay, Sydney and Broken Bay patrolled the coast in those areas.

"During the operation, 132 people across 72 vessels were stopped and spoken to about COVID compliance, with five people fined for breaches of the Public Health Order."

According to Marina Area Command, boating is permitted in all of NSW, including Greater Sydney, apart from those LGA's declared areas of concern.

Marina Area Command said all recreational boating and fishing was allowed under rules covering recreation.

"Boating includes power, sail and paddle craft. It can include any type of activity that may be considered recreation, swimming, sunbaking," the command said.

"Boating/fishing activity is limited to the same household members or if from different households, a maximum of two people.

"They must be able to socially distance from each other."

Watercraft must remain within the LGA or, or if you need to go outside the LGA, up to 5 kilometres from your place of residence.

"You must be within your LGA or 5km from your residence at all times," police said.

Marina Area Command said the location of a boat ramp was not a consideration.

Police said coastal waters were included in the adjacent LGA or to anyone living within 5km.

"A person cannot travel along a water system outside of their LGA or further than 5km from their residence to reach coastal waters," it said.

"Where a body of water is bounded by several LGA's, a person may be on that main body of water but cannot travel through or past other LGAs to reach other rivers, estuaries or open sea.

"Police will treat coastal waters out to 3 nautical miles."

But while residents who live in declared areas of concern including Bayside and Georges River, cannot go boating they can still go fishing, sailing, jet-skiing, and waterskiing.

"If you live within one of the declared areas, 'recreation' is no longer a reasonable excuse to be away from your residence," Marine Area Command said.

"General boating is considered 'recreation' and is not allowed.

"Fishing from a vessel or on land is permitted as it is considered 'exercise'.

"Sailing, jet-skiing, waterskiing or other physical activities would be considered 'exercise' and is allowed

"You must always wear a mask when outdoors. General exemptions from mask wearing apply."

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