Larry Emdur is the new host of Network 7's prime time quiz show The Chase

The Chase has a new but familiar face at the helm

According to Larry Emdur, you do not want him on your trivia team.

"I'm a high school drop out so big words are not my friend," says the new host of Network 7's juggernaut quiz show The Chase.

"Luckily we have a terrific team of people who choose the questions. The contestants, the Chasers and the questions are really the stars of the show."

The 40-year television veteran knows there is a lot riding on his new role.

"It's one of the most important timeslots in television and there is a lot of focus the network places on it.

It was a consideration when he was offered the job after auditioning.

"There was that 'Do I need that pressure? What do I have to prove? Would I enjoy it? Would it be challenging?' set of questions for me and the family to answer," he said.

Of course he is no stranger to quiz shows having hosted The Main Event (1990-1992) and The Price is Right (1993-98, 2003-05, 2012) and a brief stint on Wheel of Fortune (2006).

"I love that people say to me 'I used to watch price and wheel of fortune with my my mum'. I love the concept and the impact it [The Chase] has on people.

"We got some great feedback [after his first show aired Monday, July 26]. It just reminded me how much people enjoy this stuff. I'm really proud to be involved."

According to Network 7, 1.3 million viewers nationally tuned in, the biggest number for The Chase since 2016, and the third highest ever, coming in as the number one entertainment show on the night.

Luckily the season was filmed in Sydney prior to the Delta strain outbreak and subsequent lockdowns.

"I'm a real tactile person so it would have been hard for me not to shake hands with contestants if we were under restrictions."

Emdur says he really enjoys being back in the quiz show genre.

"To get the opportunity to jump on such a big show and such a loved show is great.

"It means a lot to people, as it's an important time of the day. You are in people's loungerooms and part of their time together," the 56-year-old says.

Known for his dazzling smile and formerly full head of lush hair, Emdur says he made the decision to keep his chrome dome after shaving his head one year to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

"We didn't it know how it was going to go, but Sylvie (his wife of 26 years) agreed it was a reasonable look and it suited my lifestyle. I've certainly saved the network in hair thickening products," he laughs.

So who is the most intimidating chaser? Emdur says it's probably the governess (Anne Hegerty), but if you met any of the chasers off set you would see "they are all wonderful people".

"Everyone has their favourite. You can see it on contestants' faces when the chaser comes out. They're all very funny and they've become really good characters. They are wonderful performers and way too smart for me."

He has filmed enough of the half hour shows to carry through to the end of the year, but says if you work in television you work from one contract to the next.

"Even my first Morning Show contract was six months. Never in my 40 years [on tv] have I been in a position to say 'this is my job for the next five or six years'."

If his first show ratings are any indication, he will no doubt be back for another season at least.