Snap a photo with Camden's Platty the platypus

Picture: Supplied

Picture: Supplied

Platty is out and about in Camden and she's just waiting to be found by some adventurous residents.

Locals are able to exercise outdoors in groups of 10 or fewer while Greater Sydney remains in lockdown.

This has seen many residents take to the area's walking tracks - and that is where Camden's Platty the platypus comes into play.

Camden mayor Therese Fedeli said it was a great opportunity for residents to have some fun while on their daily walk.

"We live in such a beautiful, scenic area and there are many fantastic parks and walking tracks to enjoy when you step our for your daily dose of exercise," Cr Fedeli said.

"Platty will be located at a couple of locations across the Camden area, so if you see her while on your walk, take a photo and share it on social media with the hashtag #camdenlove.

"It is very important for the community to remain safe during this time, so please take your photo quickly and keep moving.

"There are many other great things that our community members are doing during this difficult time, so if you see something, I encourage you to take a quick photo and use the #camdenlove hashtag as well."

Platty is now at two locations in the Camden area.

Earlier this year Camden Council launched its Platypus Monitoring Program to identify platypus activity in the Nepean River.

The program detected the presence of platypus in the northern sections of the Nepean River, downstream from the suburb of Camden.

The Platypus Monitoring Program used technology to pick up on traces of DNA left behind by every living creature, through skin cells, fur, hair and scats.

The last local spotting of a platypus was in 2018, when a council employee sighted one of the playful monotreme in the Nepean.

Platypus require clean, healthy waterways, so evidence of platypus activity is a great sign Macarthur's local waterways are healthy.

Platypus need to eat up to a third of their body weight in water bugs each day, and the healthier a waterway, the more water bugs on offer for the animal to eat.

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