Better Out Than In: Effie set to bring new comedy tour to Camden

Effie Stephanidis will grace the Camden Civic Centre stage with her new comedy show next month. Picture: Simon Bennett
Effie Stephanidis will grace the Camden Civic Centre stage with her new comedy show next month. Picture: Simon Bennett

She's loud, she's proud, she has the biggest hair in western Sydney - and now she's coming back to Camden.

The incomparable Effie Stephanidis is set to grace the Camden Civic Centre stage on Saturday June 19 with her new comedy tour, Hello Good Thanks: Better Out Than In.

Effie, the alter ego of renowned comedian Mary Coutsas, will talk about all things 2020 - from lockdown with her new husband and "immaculately conceived" daughter through to the hardships of hair maintenance.

The proud westie said she had a special soft spot for Camden.

"Camden has something for everyone, you can make it what you want," Effie said.

"I walk the street, not in any soliciting kind of way - other than soliciting ticket sales - and people are just so excited.

"They all want a piece of Effie now because I've become the accidental queen of Camden.

"I don't want everyone to know about Camden because then it might get overrun, but it might just be Sydney's best kept secret."

Effie said Camden's small business community had captured her heart.

"When you come into Camden and you get to visit all these great little shops," she said.

"Sarita's is one of my favourites there and I love the florists - and all the various coffee shops.

"I had a great breakfast at Squeeze and Grind - which sounds very adult but thankfully they were only squeezing juice and grinding coffee."

Better Out Then In will feature some stories of Effie's trials and tribulations during the Covid-19 shut downs.

"I discovered, and it became painfully obvious, that the government and I had very different definitions of the term 'essential services'," she said.

"Hair removal for the wogs is definitely an essential service - and without it I was scared that my hot, lucky and sort of new-ish husband, Dr Shane Bradley Cooper, was going to see things he couldn't unsee.

"As much as lockdown was tough there were some big benefits because I didn't have to see my mother-in-law."

Last year Effie was in the middle of performing her shows at the Brisbane Comedy Festival when it was announced that all of her shows for the rest of the year had been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Effie said could not wait to get back on stage in Camden with her new show.

"This is my happy place, no offence to all the people I love in my life, but my fans are my everything," she said.

"Half of the show is improvised every time and has been for the last 30 years, so my fans are a huge part of my show, and my audience knows they have a place in the show and in my heart.

"My audience stuns me at every show because they are willing to just stand up and be themselves."

Effie said her new show would be just as funny as her last sell-out show in Camden, Love Me Tinder.

"Come and see the show, it's almost sold out but there are some tickets left," she said.

"Last year was all about having strong immunity... and nothing boosts immunity more than laughter.

"We are social animals, we like to be together, and being in a room sharing some laughs together to ease the pain is a really good thing.

"You will walk out of this show and think about it until the next time we meet - and I will definitely be coming back to Camden, I know where you guys live."

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