Violent Vic parents to face schools ban

Victoria's Acting Premier James Merlino says
Victoria's Acting Premier James Merlino says "no one should be threatened or intimidated at school".

Violent and aggressive parents would face school bans under a new law being introduced into Victorian parliament.

The legislation would allow school principals to issue school community safety orders to parents or carers who engage in harmful, threatening or abusive behaviour.

The new law would also give schools the power to ban parents who use social media for threatening or abusive communication.

Schools will have the right to stop parents from entering their grounds.

Banned parents would still be able to communicate with the school about their children's education and make arrangements about attendance.

Under the legislation, if a parent does not comply with a safety order the matter can be taken to court.

A parent can also apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal if they disagree with an internal review of an order.

"No one should be threatened or intimidated at work or at school - that's why we're introducing these new laws to protect staff, students and their families," Acting Premier James Merlino said in a statement.

Andrew Dalgleish, the president of the Victorian Principals Association, said it was "sad to say" there had been an increase in threatening behaviour from parents towards schools over the last 15-20 years.

He added the new law would beef up current powers, such as trespass orders.

"This goes a little bit further around a prohibition order, an interim one being 14 days," Mr Dalgleish told ABC Radio.

"If the behaviour is more extreme or continues then it can go to a 12-month order.

"Schools are inherently a safe environment, but there are times where the behaviour does cross the line or becomes more extreme.

"It impacts significantly on the well-being of school leaders and school staff."

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