Macbeth coming to Campbelltown stage

One of the most famous works of theatre in history is coming to Campbelltown next week.

Campbelltown Theatre Group is staging a fast-paced, two-hour production of iconic Shakespeare play Macbeth.

Following a sold-out season of Chicago in March, the theatre group will bring a high-tension version of the Scottish play which incorporates professionally choreographed sword fighting and stunning costuming, some of which has been supplied by Opera Australia.

Glebe's Jane Anderson stars as Lady Macbeth opposite John Michael Narres in the titular role.

She said it was an honour to step into the shoes of such an iconic character.

"I think it's definitely a role that I would hope to play many more times over the course of my career," Anderson said.

"I'm sure that if I'm lucky enough for that to happen I'll probably look back in 40 years and think, 'I can't believe I did that role at 23'.

"The likes of Alex Kingston, Kate Fleetwood and Dame Judi Dench have played this role, and here's little old me, standing in the shadow of these great actresses."

Anderson said she had loved working on the character with director Felicity Burke during rehearsals.

The pair spoke about bringing Shakespeare's work, his particular way of writing and the characters' dialogue, to life for their audiences.

"Felicity said to me, 'you are the translation, your delivery is the translation [from Shakespearean English]'," Anderson said.

"We have this wonderful crew member who said 'I've never understood Shakespeare, but I'm starting to get the hang of this now'.

"As an actor there's no point in replicating someone else's performance, or facial expressions - that's not acting, that's just copying.

"Despite the fact that so many wonderful actresses have showed the world what they can do with this character, I'm going to put a little bit of me in there, and if I didn't do that I would be doing a bad job."

Anderson said she loved the strength of Lady Macbeth.

"Why wouldn't you want to play her," she said.

"She's so complex. To have a woman character in the 17th century who wasn't just about, 'oh, save me', is pretty cool - shout out to Shakespeare.

"The best thing about Lady Macbeth is the journey.

"At the beginning she wears the pants in the relationship, she's this badass woman, and in the end... well, if you know, you know."

Anderson said it was a privilege to be able to take to the stage in such a turbulent time for theatre.

She said everyone should come out and support the show, especially students studying Shakespeare.

"There are so many scenes that are delightfully goosebumpy," she said.

"It's a great thriller, perhaps the original psychological thriller.

"I have to say, $35 seems pretty cheap to me to come and see a production this good."

Director Burke said there was no better way to see Shakespeare than live at the Campbelltown Town Hall Theatre.

"There's only one way to truly fall in love with the plays of William Shakespeare and that is to enjoy them on stage," she said.

"While there is violence in this 400-year-old play, there's also poetry and fun. It's not our desire to lead audiences into the pits of Macbeth's hell and leave them there to rot.

"There is always a place for humour in these master works of English literature."

Campbelltown Theatre Group's run of Macbeth opens at Campbelltown Town Hall Theatre on Friday, April 30.