Camden MP Peter Sidgreaves backs calls for fire station in Oran Park

NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay posted this image of fire station advocates in Oran Park to Facebook.
NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay posted this image of fire station advocates in Oran Park to Facebook.

Ongoing calls for a fire station to be built in the ever-growing Oran Park area have got some local political support.

Camden MP Peter Sidgreaves said he backed local advocates for a fire station in Oran Park.

A community Facebook group called 'Oran Park where is our fire station' has been active in calling out the lack of response to the community desperation for a fire station in the suburb, which is home to thousands of families.

The NSW Government promised, back in 2015, that a fire station was coming to Oran Park, and land was set aside.

The Advertiser reported at the time that the build was supposed to cost $4.4 million and be complete by 2018, according to information in the 2015 state Budget.

However, no build has happened at the site in the intervening years.

Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle recently brought up the lack of fire station in Parliament.

She noted there had been "no budget allocation, plan or progress despite population growth and ever-increasing fire risk" since the announcement six years ago.

"Why have you failed to deliver the fire station you promised," she asked Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

The Premier responded that the government was "committed to delivering on all the commitments that [they've] made".

She proceeded to talk about the roll-out of new fire trucks elsewhere in Sydney.

Mr Sidgreaves told the Advertiser he "absolutely" supported the outcry for a local fire station.

"I am aware that both Camden and Narellan Fire and Rescue NSW [crews] can't attend a large percentage of fires in the Oran Park area [in under the] service level agreement, which is under eight minutes," he said.

"I have been working on this outstanding commitment as a priority. I have already been supporting this and I will continue to do so to ensure the delivery of Oran Park Fire Station.

"I have been in contact with local firefighters and a member of their union."

Mr Sidgreaves said state emergency services minister David Elliott recently went on record to again commit to the build.

"The Minister announced on Channel Nine (recently) that 'construction will commence imminently and we expect it to be finished in two years'," Mr Sidgreaves said.

"I will be endeavouring to ensure this project is completed within that time or preferably sooner."

An Oran Park Fire Station would also expect to service neighbouring suburbs including Cobbitty, Harrington Park, Harrington Grove, Narellan, Gledswood Hills, Smeaton Grange and Gregory Hills.