Camden Matters with Theresa Fedeli: Health and wellbeing a top priority

Picture: Camden Council
Picture: Camden Council

At Camden Council, we're proud to be supporting a number of different health and wellbeing initiatives, making sure it's a top priority for everyone.

Most recently, we've become the first council in NSW to join the fantastic Bins4Blokes men's health campaign, promoting the installation of sanitary disposal bins in male public toilets.

An initiative of the Continence Foundation of Australia, the campaign encourages providers of public toilets to include disposal bins for incontinence products in male toilets.

This will see approximately 70 bin units across the Camden area which is a great positive for all of our male residents.

For boys and men who use incontinence products, there are very few or no places for them to be disposed and this has in the past led to them not wanting to leave the house.

The Bins4Blokes initiative provides an opportunity for us to participate in a project that facilitates and further enhances social inclusion within the community.

Council has taken large strides to supporting a number of great initiatives and foundations including both women and men's health over the last few years and I am proud to be on board.

For more information about the initiative, visit bins4blokes.org.au.

-Theresa Fedeli, Camden mayor