Oran Park Anglican College students, staff step back in time | photos

Oran Park Anglican College students left the modern world behind last week to take part in the school's Medieval Day festivities.

The event saw students and teachers take part in a wide range of activities across a variety of faculties, all highlighting life in Medieval times and broadening their understanding of the historical period.

The activities included:

Combat display

The day commenced with a combat display from Einherjar (Medieval reenactment group) that involved a demonstration of a range of battle techniques.

Tactics and Siege warfare

Students got to try their hands at sword fighting each other. Using foam and latex swords and shields, students learned weapons skills as individuals and teams. Students learned about the realities of siege warfare, the logistics, the psychology and the mechanics by firing a trebuchet.

Crime, punishment and medicine

Students learnt about a detailed crime and punishment in the middle ages, with attention to both Anglo-Saxon and Norman legal systems, Trial by Ordeal, Medieval policing, and the types of crimes that were prevalent.

Black Death Escape Room

There once was a plague, all over Europe it exploded;

Winding back the clock before even Covid;

Black Death is BACK with boils and bites;

A cure is sought after each day and night.

Students had to solve a range of riddles and puzzles in order to find three numbers which would eventually unlock a combination lock and provide them with a key to escape the room. Students who did not finish in time caught the black death and broke out in boils.

Medieval Games

A world where games are not online and you don't have to pay $2.99 for the app - welcome to Medieval Games. In this activity, students participated in some 'all-in' games of Ring Around the Rosie and Prisoner's Base, before being allowed to roam the village in small groups and engage in some good old-fashioned throwing games of Quoits, Kubbs or Finska to discover which peasant among them possessed the most finesse and skill.

Archery Tag

Combining the best of paintball, archery and dodgeball, two teams were equipped with bows, foam-tipped arrows and protective masks, playing a series of 20 minute rounds with a range of different objectives to determine the ultimate winner.

Art through the Ages

During medieval times, stained glass windows were made from a combination of sand and potash.

These two ingredients were heated to the point where they would liquify and become glass when cooled. Students created their very own stained-glass windows.


Mr McKenzie created a life-size trebuchet and students had to assess and make adjustments to its design in order to make it work. Students put their problem-solving skills to the test in order to secure the perimeter of Oran Park Village.

Medieval Feast

Famine or feast? The peasants decided as they created a tart with fruit treasures inside.

Cock-A-Hooping Through The Middle Ages

Blood, guts and an arranged marriage - a journey through daily life. Students participated in a process drama experience with students performing in small groups, generating a day in the life of a Medieval Village.

The Squires run

The students were involved in an armoured relay race giving them a taste of the life of a squire. The odd minor obstacle may have also popped up, nothing the peasantry wasn't used to, as they battled through life one obstacle at a time. Various formation drills involving spears, shields and throwing tennis balls put the peasants through the ultimate test as they learned the difficulties of navigating through a battle field.


In the days before the atom and science, there was Alchemy. Shrouded in mystery and secrecy, only a select few knew how to perform such breathtaking enchantments. Students watched as the Alchemists turned water into various substances and then participated in an activity to see which one of them also had the power. The Alchemists then show cased their skills and changed the colour of fire.

Religion through the Ages

In 1190AD, King Richard arrived at the gates of Jerusalem to pillage the city from local Turkish warlords. 1100 years before, Christ entered on a donkey with no forces and gave himself over to the Roman authorities. So does Christianity condone 'Holy War'? Students listened as the message of the gospel was delivered.