The Informer: Prepare for your weekly déjà vu experience

Prepare for your weekly déjà vu experience

There are 10 weeks of 2020 left. Take a deep breath, we've got this.

The old "one bite of the elephant at a time" theory has come into play more than ever this year. This year with the goalposts shifting about as often as a premier's press conference, short-term focus is about as much as most of us can manage.

I'm already dreading the "that was the year that was" year-in-review features because it's going to be downright overwhelming. But let's not worry about that just yet because looking back on the past day has been exhausting enough.

And, in our now-weekly déjà vu experience, Victoria is holding its collective breath waiting for good news on Sunday. Not just good news but REALLY good news.

You can't help but think the few hundred people who rallied this afternoon at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne didn't do their cause much good. We'll keep tabs on that across the evening and into the weekend, of course. And with police quite upfront about using drones to monitor behaviour over AFL Grand Final weekend, there could well be a bit coverage.

Also expect to hear much more about the latest expenses scandal uncovered at senate estimates. In what no doubt lifted eyebrows galore within the government, hair of the corporate regulator to stand aside pending investigation. And this one is substantially more significant that $12,000 of blingy watches.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission James Shipton has stood aside while inquiries are made into "relocation payments" of almost $200,000 made for himself and deputy chair Daniel Crennan.

Sally Whyte from The Canberra Times has drilled down further but this, coming barely hours after the PM and his senior ministers used strong language to express their disappointment with Australia Post's internal generosity, is unlikely to go away quickly.

And the same goes for the questions marks hovering over NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian. Today a parliamentary committee inquiry learnt that notes confirming the premier was "comfortable" with the allocation of $250 million in council grants were destroyed by a staffer.

In Queensland there was no gentle slope into the weekend for LNP leader Deb Frecklington. If elected next weekend, the LNP will trial a night curfew for teenagers. Opponents have called it racist, a term which has deeply offended Ms Frecklington.

On the almost non-controversial front, Aussies and Kiwis will be welcome to Tasmania from Monday. Well, the COVID-free ones. Oh, and the not the ones from NSW and Victoria quite yet.

There's always a sting in the tail, well, this year at least. Remember, the countdown's on - 10 weeks to go.

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