Firies extinguish garbage truck fire at Camden South

A flaming pile of garbage was extinguished in Camden South this morning.

Camden Fire and Rescue NSW responded to an emergency call about 8.45 this morning (Friday, October 16) that a garbage truck was alight on Cowper Drive.

The fire crew was on-scene within minutes and saw the "garbage truck's load had caught alight and was well involved in fire", they posted on Facebook.

The truck's load was dumped onto the ground, where the crew then worked to safely extinguish the blaze.

The firies urged locals to be mindful of what they pit in their bins.

"Please be careful what you dispose of in your rubbish," they posted.

"This is the second garbage truck fire that Fire and Rescue NSW Station 248 Camden has attended in the past weeks.

"With these trucks costing many hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace, preventing these fires from starting [is] cost-saving to all of us."

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