Macarthur lawn mower racing club on the hunt for more members

These lawn mowers might not cut grass but they sure can cut up a race track.

Macarthur-based lawn mower racing club, Mower Mania, is on the hunt for new members with the need for speed and passion for fun.

Mower Mania president Greg Orford said he had been racing mowers for almost a decade.

"About eight or nine years ago I saw a lawn mower race at the Camden Show and I said to my son-in-law, 'I'd like to give that go'," the Ingleburn resident said.

"So I chatted to a few of the racers, went and got myself an old ride-on mower for next to nothing and did the necessary modifications so I could race it.

"I've done it ever since."

Mower Mania was formed five years ago with members hailing from all over western Sydney.

The club's home tracks are located at the Thirlmere Steam Museum and Luddenham Showground.

"Lawn mower racing is a worldwide sport, with Australia having a big and growing following," Mr Orford said.

"Each state has clubs that get together at various times for racing, as well as a national event with different classes competing for national titles."

The basic ride-on mower travels at 10 to 20km/h however Mr Orford said racing mowers can reach speeds of up to 100km/h.

"We generally take off the blades and have the mowers lowered so they don't tip over going around the corners," Mr Orford said.

"The modifications don't take too long and can be done by anyone with basic handyman or mechanical knowledge.

"It's basically a more affordable form of racing."

Mr Orford said the costs involved with lawn mower racing were minimal compared to other motorsports.

"You can generally pick up an older mower for pretty cheap and then it's just the cost of the modifications," he said.

"You're looking at upwards of $500 depending on what you have done but it's pretty cheap if you love to race.

"You also need a trailer to cart the mower around on, of course."

Mower Mania members have competed at events across NSW including the Camden Show, Luddenham Show, Cootamundra Show and more.

The club was scheduled to race in Bega earlier this year, however bushfires put a stop to the event.

Racing mowers are catergorised based on engine size.

There are official guidelines for each class, safety rules and each machine is scrutinised by an official before each race.

Mr Orford said lawn mower racing was all the thrill of motorsports without the hefty price tag.

"It's definitely a rush once you're out on the track," he said.

"But it's a lot cheaper because there are no special licenses, the costs are low and club membership is only a once-a-year fee."

For more information, visit: Mower Mania on Facebook, call Greg on 0410 599 505, or Daniel on 0451 473 266.