Macarthur Matters with Dr Michael Freelander MP: Superannuation hypocrisy

Macarthur Matters with Dr Michael Freelander MP: Superannuation hypocrisy


I can't stand it.

It shouldn't take a genius to tell the Prime Minister that the electorate won't stomach it either.

In recent years, we have heard conservatives utter the phrase "the age of entitlement is over" far too many times. It would appear that they do not understand what this phrase actually means.

We are not a two-tiered society. We cannot have one rule for the privileged elite, and one rule for the working poor.

The Liberal-National Government's attempts to attack the retirement savings of everyday Australians is nothing more than class and inter-generational warfare.

Politicians, myself included, receive a fixed superannuation rate of 15.4 per cent as employer contributions into their superannuation accounts.

Yet, members of the Coalition appear hell-bent on freezing the superannuation rates of everyone else at 9.5 per cent.

It would seem that many of my colleagues in Canberra forget that we are elected to serve; as public office holders we are public servants, and our employer is the people.

It is incredulous that politicians are arguing to hold back the retirement savings of the people they are elected to represent, while indulging in substantial benefits themselves.

It is hypocritical, it is entitled, and I find it quite insulting.

We need to call out this sort of warped ideology for what it is.

Labor believes that working Australians deserve a decent retirement. For that to happen, we believe there should be increases in the superannuation payments accordingly, to enable people to retire with dignity and enjoy life in retirement.

This is about ordinary Australians who have worked hard all of their lives, and enabling them to enjoy a decent standard of living once they stop working.

The Liberal party's continued attacks on the superannuation system are not borne out by fact, they are divisive and contradictory. Their philosophy is always to support the big end of town and not hard-working Australians.

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