Macarthur matters with Dr Michael Freelander: On recession

Macarthur matters with Dr Michael Freelander: On recession

In the past week we have had it confirmed that Australia is officially in recession.

This is the deepest recession in almost a century, and the decades of economic growth that began under Paul Keating (and was maintained by Rudd, Gillard and Swan during the GFC) is officially at a close.

A recession is not merely represented by numbers on a Treasury spreadsheet, it plagues our communities with a very real and human cost.

With far too many Australians out of work, people are understandably feeling anxious. People are worried about how they will pay their mortgages, their rent, put food on the table and buy school shoes.

Recessions deepen intergenerational inequity, and risk entire generations of Australians being disconnected from the workforce. They place undue stress on families, robbing households of breadwinners and our communities of stability.

Australians are rightly feeling anxious. More than one million of us are jobless for the first time in history, and the Government expects a further 400 000 individuals to be unemployed by Christmas.

I fear what this will mean for our society, and our community which has already suffered from above-average unemployment and underemployment.

Australia needs a real jobs plan, and Australians need to feel confident that their Government is taking our economic recovery seriously.

This recession will be deeper and unemployment queues will be longer because the Morrison Government is leaving too many people behind. Support, in the limited places in was given, was too narrowly offered and unobtainable for many.

Workers, businesses and communities need a plan from the Morrison Government to promote growth, protect and create jobs, support business and set Australia up for recovery.

I am continuing to advocate for urgent Government investment in Macarthur, to kick-start our economy. Government investment in long overdue and desperately-needed infrastructure projects (such as public transport links) for our growing communities is essential if we are to create jobs, support our local businesses, and address the rampant overdevelopment plaguing our region.

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