The Examiner captured Mother Nature in all her glory during winter 2020

Launceston was blanketed in a cover of white, fluffy snow in August, a highlight of a season spent mostly indoors.

As the coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of events, and resulted in gathering restrictions, there was something special about Launceston waking to snow on the morning of August 5.

Tasmania typically sees snow earlier than that but let's not forget, a dump of the stuff in people's backyards had not happened for decades.

A cold front passing over Tasmania and the East Coast of Australia combined to create the spectacular display, which resulted in merry-making from Northern Tasmania residents.

An article from The Examiner on Monday, August 1, 1921 reported it as the heaviest fall in 25 years, as astonished residents watched on as snow fell over the city.

"The fall is stated to be the heaviest experienced in Launceston for over 25 years, there having been a lighter one some eight or nine years ago," the article reads.

While the snow was by far a highlight of the winter season, this year winter has put on displays of wet weather and given way to early spring blooms.

Enjoy this collection of photos from the mastheads photographers - Paul Scambler, Neil Richardson and Phillip Biggs.

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