Oran Park couple takes on The Block 2020

Tools down: Oran Park's Sarah and George Bragias are so proud of the work they achieved on The Block this year. Picture: Chris Lane
Tools down: Oran Park's Sarah and George Bragias are so proud of the work they achieved on The Block this year. Picture: Chris Lane

Your new favourite couple on The Block have arrived - and they're from right here in Oran Park.

Sarah and George Bragias are one of the five pairs tackling the gruelling renovation project that is The Block 2020, and the young couple said you won't want to miss this season.

Limited like never before, the competitors had to contest with a coronavirus-affected world.

"The availability of products was a real struggle," Mrs Bragias said. "Everything was going out of stock because of Covid. You just had to work with what you had, make spur of the moment decisions. It is definitely a season like no other - viewers have never seen a season like this, and it's actually pretty cool to be a part of."

Mr Bragias said it was a strange time hearing about the pandemic while hard at work on The Block.

"Before we got on the show, the news had only just started coming out, but then you're right in the 'Block Bubble', where you're not reading the news and you don't have access to social media because you're just so busy," he said.

"It felt ridiculous what we were doing at the time, but when you sit back and think, it's like 'did we just build a home in a global pandemic'? You start to realise what you've achieve, and holy crap, we're really proud."

Mr Bragias is an experienced electrician and Mrs Bragias is a teacher ("Sarah is the designer and the brains, I'm the labourer," says Mr Bragias). The pair have previously renovated two houses, including their Oran Park home.

They thought that experience would serve them well in the intense Block environment, but they had no idea what they were really in for.

"We watched the show like anyone does and thought, 'I can do this, this is easy'," Mr Bragias said.

"It's not until you're there that you think 'what the hell have we done'."

Mrs Bragias said there were no 'secret painters' hiding on The Block, completing half the work for the contestants.

"You do it all yourself, all the painting and everything, there's no help whatsoever," she said.

"One of the things I was worried about was lack of sleep, as we haven't had kids, so we don't know that fatigue.

"One of the other biggest things was just being away from family. We're quite close-knit, and this was a long time to be in a different state without the support of loved ones around you."

Mrs Bragias described her design style as "see it, like it, get it" (with some animal print for her personal style), while Mr Bragias is all about Pokemon.

"My obsession started when we were about to get married as a way not to stress about the wedding," he said.

"It just grew from there. Not to give anything away, but if you watch, you might see [foreman] Keith hop on the bandwagon."

The Bragias said they made great friends with their fellow contestants - "they're the only ones who truly understand what you go through" - and left the project "with our heads held high".

"Being from western Sydney, you don't hear too much about people getting massive opportunities like this," Mrs Bragias said.

"We're representing the area and making a name for this place. So many contestants are from the city or Northern Beaches, but this is a different side of Sydney.

"They'll see us from Oran Park and know that we made it, and it can happen if you work hard."

Catch Sarah and George on The Block's first episode this Sunday, August 23 at 7pm on Nine.