Covid shutdown inspires Smeaton Grange's all-Australian business

Made in Aus: Kieran Berry and Shane Rolton with some of the products made by Spartan Gym Equipment. Picture: Simon Bennett
Made in Aus: Kieran Berry and Shane Rolton with some of the products made by Spartan Gym Equipment. Picture: Simon Bennett

When Covid-19 shutdowns hit gyms, Kieran Berry wanted to build up his home set-up so he could maintain his fitness.

But he soon found that the items he wanted to order were all coming from China, and would take more than a month to arrive.

So the Minto-raised finance worker decided he could do better, and set about launching his own business: Spartan Gym Equipment.

Based in Smeaton Grange, the new company - not yet six months old - started crafting a range of different work-out equipment with the help of a raft of Australian companies.

"First and foremost, I just wanted to get some equipment for myself," Mr Berry said.

"But it's now gone so far beyond that. What we've got is all Australian made - it's mostly from south-west Sydney.

"The manufacturing industry here has been so damaged and diminished because everyone has invested in imports - hopefully we can help build that back up."

One of the businesses helping to create Spartan's gear is Peakhurst-based Wysiwyg 3D.

Managing director Shane Rolton said he was extremely proud to be involved in something that was all-Australian.

"It's saving businesses and saving the economy," he said of buying local.

"Every dollar someone spends on something Australian made is an investment into their children's future.

"You spend a dollar in China or overseas, you never see it again. You spend it here, it keeps going around and around in this country."

Mr Rolton's business makes 3D scans and models of the products Spartan creates, which then allows them to be patterned, moulded and cast, and finally powder-coated.

The process involves a lot of steps, and each of them are taken within Sydney.

After starting with a 3D model in Peakhurst, Blacktown's Norwest Pattermakers are responsible for the next step. The product then moves on to Ajax Foundry in Wetherill Park for moulding and casting, before it's over to Ingleburn's Cougar Powder Coating.

Finally, the equipment - including dumbbells, kettle bells, plates, benches and more - is sent to the Spartan warehouse in Smeaton Grange to be packed and sent out to customers.

Now, rather than waiting months for pieces to arrive from overseas, Spartan has equipment ready to go within a couple of weeks.

Mr Berry said he was thrilled at how well the business was doing so far, almost entirely through word of mouth and referrals.

"I've gone pretty hard at it, we've been burning the candle at both ends," the Kogarah Bay resident said.

"But we're supporting local jobs, and most are from the Macarthur area.

"We're still trying to manage the workload, but I'm really happy what we've been able to do in a short time."

Mr Berry said the designs for the equipment had been reviewed and approved by an independent engineer.

The business has been featured on the Australian Made website and through partner Afterpay.

Check out the range of products and learn more about the Australian made Spartan Gym Equipment at