Campbelltown matters with Greg Warren: A new toll on an old road

My office has been inundated with people venting their frustrations and anger regarding the new M5 East Motorway toll.

And I share every ounce of their frustration and anger.

A new toll on and old road - no matter how much the government tries to spin it - simply does not make sense.

The reason the M5 East Motorway toll is being introduced is so the toll on the new M8 Motorway can be lowered.

The government feared drivers would steer clear of the M8 if the toll was too high so they said: "let's make residents in South West Sydney stump up the difference".

Confused? I certainly am.

The ramifications of this decision will affect every South West Sydney resident who uses that M5 East Motorway.

It will cost almost $7 each way for cars and more than $20 for heavy vehicles.

For truckies making five return trips a week, that's more than $200 .

Margins for those that work in the transport industry are slim at best which means the cost will likely have to be passed on to the customer.

Imagine being a nurse at Campbelltown Hospital who will have to pay to park at work, won't get a pay rise due to the government's public sector wage freeze, and will now have to pay more for goods due to an unjust toll slugging motorists in South West Sydney.

That is concrete proof that this government despises South West Sydney residents - particularly those who work in the health sector.

Of course, for motorists that don't want to pay the toll there is always public transport.

Late, overcrowded and unreliable public transport that is.

Just when you thought this state government couldn't make life worse for us in Macarthur, they go and introduce this new toll.

I wonder what new tax/levy/toll they'll slug us with next.

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