Glen Alpine resident receives police medal for diligent and ethical service

Glen Alpine resident receives police medal for diligent and ethical service

Kevin Dillon is feeling 'chuffed' after receiving a NSW Police Medal for Diligent and Ethical Service this week.

The Glen Alpine resident has spent 35 years in public service, including 13 with the NSW Police Force.

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren presented Mr Dillon with his award and certificate.

Mr Dillon, who is almost retired, said he found his career very rewarding and the medal was the icing on the cake.

"I've had about 35 years in public service and, seeing as it was a milestone, I thought I might put in for the medal," he said.

"I worked with a lot of really great people in a fulfilling career, so it's nice to have some sort of recognition."

Mr Dillon began his career with the police at Bankstown and Bass Hill, before moving to the Warrant Index Unit, which was based at Campbelltown at the time.

After that, the 60-year-old worked in specialist schools at the police academy, teaching others.

He was then involved in the IT side of policing, implementing new computer systems - like the stolen vehicle index, for instance - that streamlined officers' work and made policing more effective.

Mr Dillon's final posting in the police force was as a crime analyst with the State Intelligence Group.

From there Mr Dillon left NSW Police and joined the Parliamentary Counsel's Office, where he spent the last 23 years.

"The Parliamentary Counsle is where they do the Bills and Regluations from state parliament," he said.

"I'm part of the IT group. I helped create the online legislation website, which has allowed people greater access to our legislation."

Mr Dillon said he'd worked on plenty of good projects and loved his career.

He's now winding down to retirement and looks forward to spending plenty of time enjoying himself on the golf course and with his grandkids.

"I've got two grandsons that live at Macarthur Heights and two granddaughters at Hill Top," he said.

"They're nice and close so I'll enjoy spending more time with them."

Mr Dillon encouraged anyone who had served 10 years with the NSW Police to look into the medal.

"There might be some people out there who did some police service years ago and not even be aware that the medal is availalbe," he said.

"I didn't know about it until five or six years ago. I'd definitely encourage others to look into it."

Mr Warren praised Mr Dillon's dedication to public service.

"There is no doubt that a career in the NSW Police Force is extremely rewarding, but it obviously has many challenges as well," he said.

"To spend such a long time in the force is a credit to Mr Dillon's dedication to the community he served.

"Police officers prioritise the welfare of the community they are tasked to protect and serve, more than they do their own safety - and they do that with little fanfare.

"It's a privilege to officially honour those who served our community so valiantly like Mr Dillon."

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