Macarthur matters with Mike Freelander: There are taxpayers in Macarthur too; we deserve our fair share

Dr MIke Freelander MP
Dr MIke Freelander MP

Macarthur is experiencing exponential population growth; there is no denying it.

In fact, by 2031 it is projected that the Camden LGA will experience growth of around 130 per cent, with a further 30 per cent of population growth projected for both the Campbelltown and Wollondilly LGAs.

With thousands of families moving into Macarthur it is imperative that the state and federal governments invest heavily in our community, providing us with the services and infrastructure we so desperately need.

In my column last week, I spoke about the rampant pork barrelling that we are seeing, and expressed my disappointment that the needs of our community are continuously ignored by the powers that be.

From the arts rorts, to the sports rorts, to awarding of lucrative Government contracts to virtually unknown and ill-equipped organisations, the Coalition Governments in Sydney and Canberra are quick to turn on the tap when it benefits their communities and their friends.

Yet, we in South-West Sydney are forced to pay an extortionate new toll, on the old M5.

The following are just a few of the projects that I have been requesting support from the Government on:

  • Finally provide the funding I have been asking for, to enable the Shepherd Centre to open a new Centre of Excellence in Macarthur, supporting hearing impaired children and their families.
  • Support sporting organisation in Macarthur, and facilitate essential upgrades at some of our sporting fields (such as Sarah Redfern Oval and the Eschol Park Sports Complex)
  • Deliver the promised funding for Appin Rd in a more timely fashion
  • Provide a rail link from Macarthur to the new airport.

These projects would be good for our community, and go a long way to supporting local businesses and jobs.

My message to the Government is clear - there are taxpayers in Macarthur too; we deserve our fair share.