Have your say on future plan for Camden Airport

The plan for Camden Airport's future has been unveiled and now is the time for residents to have their say.

The airport was established in 1938 by Edward Macarthur-Onslow ad played a pivotal role in World War II. It has been a significant contributor to Camden's economy since.

The Camden Airport Preliminary Draft Master Plan 2020 is currently on public exhibition until August 18, 2020.

The master plan outlines the airport's development over the next eight years and provides a vision for the next 20 years to strengthen the Airport's General Aviation, emergency services, sport and recreation services.

Camden Airport's newly appointed chief executive Daniel Jarosch said the plan would solidify the airports future in the growing Macarthur community.

"Camden Airport will continue to provide a regional general and recreational aviation hub for the south west growth centre of Sydney, and a bespoke commercial and employment hub for the Camden region," he said.

"Additionally, the master plan includes a new land use and development concept plan, facilitating both aviation and non-aviation growth opportunities over the eight-year planning horizon."

The airport's new environmental strategy and ground transport plan is also included within the master plan.

The master plan says there will be a reduction in the residential properties likely to be affected by aircraft noise over the 20-year planning period, primarily due to advancements in technology with quieter aircraft likely to be using the airport into the future.

The plan also revealed that the airport contributed $110 million to the state's economy in the last financial year.

By 2027, it is projected that Camden airport would contribute $200 million to the economy.

Sydney Metro Airports has invested a new facility for the NSW Police Force Aviation Support Branch at Bankstown Airport and the new Altitude Industrial Estate.

The aviation forecasts in the Camden Airport master plan were prepared prior to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The report states that this is likely to impact aviation forecasts for 2020.

However, as the master plan is for an eight-year planning period and has a 20-year planning horizon, the medium to long-term forecasts remain unchanged.

The Camden Airport Master Plan 2020 can be viewed at www.sydneymetroairports.com.au.