Wests Tigers players visit Macarthur primary schools

Wests Tigers players visited south west Sydney schools yesterday to talk about 'Respect'.

David Nofoaluma and Matt Eisenhuth visited many Macarthur schools, including Oran Park Public School and Ruse Public School, to present the club's 'Respect' program, which focuses on learning and demonstrating respect for others.

The school visit was part of the club's annual Community Carnival.

Former Ruse Public School student David Nofoaluma said it was great to interact with kids from across the south west.

"It's always such an awesome day when we get to get out and visit all the schools in our area," he said.

"I grew up here in Campbelltown and it's been cool to see the area grow lots and also see heaps of Wests Tigers fans at the same time.

"Today we got to share the NRL Respect message, which is all about respecting others and yourself in what you say and do.

"It's definitely a good thing for us to be out sharing it - we're able to use lots of cool games and activities to do it and I think that it's something that the kids will remember.

"I remember when I was in school and people would come to visit the school so it's awesome when we can do the same."