MP appalled by vandalism at fire damaged Buxton Public School

Buxton Public School was one of many Wollondilly schools that closed late last year as the threat of bushfire loomed across the shire.

Unfortunately the school's outdoor furniture and saddlecloth shade structures were damaged in the blaze.

During this tumultuous time for the community the small public school was also vandalised and many of the computers and other IT equipment was damaged.

Wollondilly MP Nathaniel Smith said he was appalled by this callous act at a time when the community was suffering from so from many other tragedies.

"I sincerely hope that those who have caused this malicious damage are caught and dealt with accordingly," Mr Smith said.

"This is a time when we should be supporting those that have suffered through this terrible time and this vandalism is so contrary to the outstanding community spirit that was evident right through this period."

Mr Smith said the state government had acted swiftly to ensure that repair works were undertaken and all damage associated with the bushfires and vandalism would be rectified by the start of Term One.

"I'm pleased to announce that most of the fire damage at the school has been repaired with a new shade cloth ordered and on the way," he said.

"The school will be operational by day one with the larger repair items like the shade cloth to be installed as soon as possible.

"The school is also arranging the testing, repair or and replacement of vandalised the IT equipment."

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