Macquarie Fields indigenous dancer set to take AFL world by storm

Braithan Kemble
Braithan Kemble

Braithan Kemble has already made his mark on the dance world and now he is ready to play AFL on the world stage.

The talented Macquarie Fields High School year 10 student excelled on the Schools Spectacular stage and now he will represent Australia on a junior AFL international tour.

Braithan is a member of the elite NSW Public Schools Aboriginal Dance Company which is mentored by the world-renowned Bangarra Dance Theatre.

The nimble-footed 16-year-old also stood out on the footy field enough to be invited to join a 42-member squad of some of the best emerging AFL talent.

Braithan said he had never thought of himself as a dancer and his love of dance took him by surprise when he attended a workshop with Bangarra just "to get a free day off school".

"I instantly fell in love with it," he said.

"I got selected to be in the dance company and that's when it started to fall into place and I realised I liked dancing and I was pretty good at it.

"I take a lot of pride in my culture and what I do with it, especially the traditional dances.

"It is such a privilege."

The Australian Wanderers AFL tour will take Braithan to France, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

It is just another step towards Braithan securing his dream of being signed as a professional AFL player.

AFL is also providing avenues for Braithan to express his pride in his Aboriginal culture.

Braithan Kemble on stage at the Schools Spectacular.

Braithan Kemble on stage at the Schools Spectacular.

He plays the didgeridoo regularly at games, including the Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round, as well as dancing and offering an Acknowledgement of Country at events and games.

"I do so much with my culture and it means so much," Braithan said.

"I am honoured."

Braithan has two more years to build his skills in dance as he works towards his Higher School Certificate and his aspirations of a place in the AFL draft.

At this year's Schools Spectacular Braithan and the dance company performed two dances: the ethereal classical piece Religion from their repertoire developed with Bangarra and the upbeat contemporary track 2000 and Whatever in which they led a dance ensemble made up of Aboriginal dancers from across NSW.