Harrington Grove garden takes out top award

From the sun-soaked pool area to the lush green grass - Dean Di Pede has perfected every inch of his garden.

The Harrington Grove resident is this year's winner of the Grand Champion award in the Camden Council Garden Competition.

Mr Di Pede said the win was a bit of a shock.

"I was over the moon - it was totally unexpected," he said.

"I have lived in Harrington Park since 2000 and never entered any competitions before.

"But my wife decided to enter me this time so I had no choice really - but I am glad she did because now we're here."

The Di Pede's garden includes an outdoor kitchen area, hedging, trees, flowers, garden paths and more.

Mr Di Pede said his neighbours often see him working in the yard.

"I own Macarthur Country Meats in Camden so I'm a butcher by trade and I consider gardening my stress relief," he said.

"I spend up to eight or so hours a week working in the garden - the neighbours probably think I am crazy because I am one of those people that mows the lawn every three days."

The avid gardener said he doesn't have a favourite plant but enjoys mowing the lawn.

"I also love sitting in the pool area - I like being outside with the water," he said.

"I have a few water features in the garden as well."

Plants in Mr Di Pede's garden include a couple of natives, mini peach and nectarine trees, Japanese maple, a lot of hedging and magnolias.

"I think having all grass is boring - I like that there is a lot going on," he said.

"Of course there are things that I want to work on or change but it's a pretty cool space."

Mr Di Pede encouraged other gardeners to enter the council competition next year.

"We have such a huge area now with a lot of nice gardens," he said.

"I think more people should enter because it really is a great event."