Wollondilly artist paints giant tribute to beloved shire

Mural artist Joe Quilter has breathed new life into the drab treatment plan tanks on the Hume Highway near Wilton.

The talented Tahmoor artist and his business partner Snarl have spruced up the tanks located on the eastern side of the highway just before the Picton Road exit heading south.

Mr Quilter and Snarl spent the past week painting the public art pieces.

"We painted for 10 hours a day each day using a boom lift," he said.

"We used a special spray paint called One Take and a spray gun to finish the work.

"Snarl did just as much work as I did on the piece - I am really grateful he made the trip."

The three tanks each feature a different design, that together form a large piece of art.

Mr Quilter said the artwork showcased the shire.

"The ideas came about with some community consultation and research," he said.

"I think the theme represents the shire and it's a good landmark at the entrance to the shire.

"It's nice as a local to have something like this out here."

Tank one features a portrait of a local dairy farmer, the second tank is adorned with a lyrebird, which is the Dharawal totem and the third tank features a wedge-tailed eagle based on a photograph taken by Angela Towndrow.

"I think it's a really balanced piece that celebrates everything the shire is about," Mr Quilter e said.

"I hope people find it engaging and I hope it gets people thinking."

Artwork on tanks and silos have become a feature on many Australian motorways, particularly in rural towns throughout South Australia and Victoria.

Lendlease commissioned the artwork to give the tanks a much-needed makeover.

Lendlease development director Arthur Ilias told the Advertiser earlier this year the tanks were bound to be a talking point for passing motorists.

"The intention of the mural is to make a statement ," Mr Ilias said.

"The tanks themselves aren't very attractive but Lendlease saw the potential to use them as a blank canvas and provide a piece of art for locals to enjoy as they drive past."