Exotic boa constrictor at large in Silverdale

Adult Boa Constrictor
Adult Boa Constrictor

Silverdale residents have been warned to keep en eye out for an adult boa constrictor.

A large, freshly shed snake skin was found at a property in Torumba Circuit at Silverdale's Cascades Estate on October 9.

The NSW Government has rangers out trying to locate the exotic reptile as boa constrictors are considered a threat to the native environment.

Wollondilly councillor Matt Gould posted the information to his Facebook page to warn residents.

"Fully grown boa constrictors are considered a serious threat to wildlife, pets and humans," he said.

"Residents are asked to be on the lookout and report any sightings immediately."

Boa constrictors are native to Central and South America and have been introduced to Australia.

They are considered to be one of the world's largest snake species with an average length of around three metres.

The reptiles are not poisonous, but they bite and strangle their prey.

Boa constrictors cannot be kept as pets in NSW - they can only be kept in zoos.

The snake skin found in Silverdale.

The snake skin found in Silverdale.

The NSW Government believes the species presents a 'serious' threat to native wildlife as it is already considered a pest in locations such as Dade County, Florida and Cozumel Island, Mexico.

Residents are urged to report any sightings and try to photograph the animal if possible, however they are advised not to try and touch it.

The sighting of the boa constrictor skin follows the sighting of a American corn snake in Tahmoor earlier this year.

The government has asked residents to contact qualified snake catchers to handle the snake and report it to the Department of Primary Industries at dpi.nsw.gov.au/biosecurity/forms/report-an-unusual-animal-sighting.