Choirboys to tackle Tom Petty music at Bargo Sports Club

Run to paradise: The Choirboys are headed to Bargo Sports Club next month.
Run to paradise: The Choirboys are headed to Bargo Sports Club next month.

What would Tom Petty music sound like if it was performed by a pub rock band?

This very question has sparked the latest music from Aussie rock legends the Choirboys.

The band - best known for their radio mainstay hit Run to Paradise - will head to Bargo Sports Club next month to promote their new 'six-pack' digital EP of Tom Petty classics with a Choirboys twist.

Singer Mark Gable said the band had previously tackled the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival and thought Petty was a brilliant fit for their next outing.

"We've done Creedence, given them the Choirboys treatment, and now we're got a six-track free download of Tom Petty songs," he said.

"One of them is Don't Come Around Here No More, which Petty did with Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics.

"But the original sounds rubbish, it's really horrible.

"Our version sounds great. In fact, it's now my favourite Choirboys recording ever."

The track, along with five others (Learning to Fly, Stop Dragging My Heart Around, Free Falling, Refugee and Won't Back Down), will be performed live at Bargo to promote the release.

Gable said fans could still expect some Choirboys classics either side of the 'six-pack' set.

He said the show was one that couldn't be missed.

"If you don't come to the show, I'll kidnap your pets, marry your mother, and just generally annoy the hell out of you for the rest of your life - it'll be torture," Gable joked.

"But if you do come along, you'll avoid all that and get a great Choirboys night of entertainment.

"I love to shock and do different things."

The singer said the band was having a lot of fun reworking the songs of iconic artists into their own style and had plenty of ideas for future projects.

"The next one we're going to do is Bruce Springsteen," Gable said.

"I tried to convince the band to do ABBA but they're not very interested in that.

"We've all got to decide, but ultimately I'm the one that's got to sing the songs, so it has to be something I can do.

"You can't improve on the likes of Led Zeppelin, so we're not going to do that.

"But The Who would be interesting, or Fleetwood Mac."

Catch the Choirboys at Bargo Sports Club on Saturday, November 9 from 6pm. Tickets are $38. The event is 18+.

Details:, 4684 1222