True role model for children of Macarthur


James Tedesco.

The man from Menangle.

What a week for Macarthur.

Was there anyone in the region who didn't scream at the top of their lungs when the nifty fullback hit the accelerator and crossed the tryline to secure the Roosters' victory on Sunday?

Well, there may have been some Raiders fans in Macarthur who weren't so happy (I mean this genuinely, I am very, very sorry for what you've been through - truly).

But everyone else who saw the game could not have contained their joy at watching Teddy - our Teddy - wrap the ribbon around the tricolours' second consecutive NRL grand final victory.

The former Camden Rams junior has had an insanely good year.

As our front page story will show you, he picked up the biggest award in rugby league last Wednesday, the Dally M medal.

And it couldn't have gone to a nicer person. Rather than soaking in the glory for himself, Teddy told reporters he wanted his good mate Mitch Moses to win. The two shared a laugh on stage after they picked up their positional awards.

He also left the ceremony with a trophy for the headline moment of the year.

It's hard to forget the moment he delivered a desperately needed try in the third State of Origin game this year. I remember scaring my poor, unsuspecting dogs half to death with my involuntary vocal reaction when he crossed the line. Sorry Abbey and Floyd, I'll be better behaved next year.

That series-winning try mean NSW retained Origin glory two years in a row.

So there we have Teddy, the boy from Menangle, the St Greg's graduate, saving the day not once, but twice this year. And twice he did this to deliver back-to-back titles.

As far as the premiership goes, this hadn't been done for 26 years. To put it another way, Teddy wasn't even a year old the last time the same team hoisted the Proven-Summons Trophy above their heads.

It is wonderful for Macarthur to be able to lay claim to such a genuine, honourable, talented, likeable, hard-working, series-saving good guy like Teddy.

There's no greater sporting role model for Macarthur children right now.

Well done to John and Rosemary Tedesco for raising such a fine man. You two have done the region proud.

- Jess Layt is senior journalist and acting editor at the Advertiser