Minto resident celebrates 103 years of life

Marie Dantier
Marie Dantier

Reaching 100 years of age is no mean feat - but one Minto resident is celebrating 103 years of life.

Marie Dantier was born in Mauritius on October 8, 1916 as the eldest of four children.

After the unexpected and early deaths of her parents Ms Dantier took on the role of caring for her siblings, earning money from her dressmaking and sewing skills.

The Pembroke Lodge, Minto resident was quite artistic and discovered she had a flair for design for which she obtained formal qualifications through college.

Ms Dantier's talent for fashion design was noticed and she accepted a position to teach others her passion.

The enthusiastic entertainer is known by family and friends as an "adventurous cook and an avid fan of classical music".

Ms Dantier was married twice and is a mother to 13 children. She also has 32 grandchilden and 28 great grandchildren.

She and her family migrated from Mauritius to Australia aboard a Greek ship, first arriving in Perth and later settling in Sydney.

Ms Dantier used her skills as a dressmaker to bring in extra money for the family.

She made all her children's clothes including their underwear.

Ms Dantier continued working as a dressmaker right up until she came to live at Pembroke Lodge.

Today she happily sorts clothing, inspecting all the seams and hems and remains appreciative of art, fashion magazines and music.