Campbelltown Council unveils new brand identity

Campbelltown mayor George Brticevic with the new council brand. Picture: Chris Lane
Campbelltown mayor George Brticevic with the new council brand. Picture: Chris Lane

Campbelltown: a place of opportunity, culture and business.

That's the message that Campbelltown Council's new brand and identity will send to the rest of Sydney.

The council today unveiled a fresh new logo and 'narrative' that will set the city apart from its neighbours.

Mayor George Brticevic said the new brand would allow Campbelltown to stand out on its own.

"Big news outlets often lump us in with the rest of south-west Sydney, but this allows us to show that we're part of Macarthur and we have a different story to tell," he said.

"The time is right for our community to tell its own story within the changing western Sydney landscape.

"This new identity belongs to everyone in our city."

The new branding was developed after extensive consultation with the community over six months.

More than 1000 people, including local business owners, took part in surveys and workshops and shared what Campbelltown meant to them.

Cr Brticevic said the new brand allowed the council to showcase the Campbelltown of today.

"Campbelltown's natural landscape, people, connectivity, culture and businesses often surprise visitors," he said.

"We are going to be more bold, direct and clear about what's happening here so that everyone who comes into contact with us is left knowing how great this place is."

Cr Brticevic said the new logo would be rolled out on council trucks, bus stops, uniforms and more when those items were due for replacement.

The brand has already been updated on the council's website and social media platforms.

The mayor said people like international delegates and state and federal government figures would also see the new branding in all council correspondence from today.

"We're already seeing so much investment in Campbelltown, from the Macarthur FC Bulls A-League team to the redevelopment of the Campbelltown RSL site," Cr Brticevic.

"Big business is interested in our area and they don't invest in losers."

Cr Brticevic said the council hadn't refreshed its branding in about 15 years and today's announcement was "timely and needed".

"This is a watershed moment," he said.

"Our new brand will help continue attracting investment into the city and lets everyone know that we are open for business.

"This is just one step in achieving a broader vision for Campbelltown's future."

The council says the new logo symbolises the city as a meeting place for people from around the globe, coming together to welcome and inspire each other, and then bringing their own opportunities to life.

It shares inspiration with Dharawal land, through its linkages to the natural environment and its spiritual connection to the place and its surroundings.

The stylised "C" represents a city bursting with potential and how people from all works of life can come together to create opportunity in many shapes and forms.

The new logo was created by branding design agency Principals in collaboration with the council.