Memorable 'wedding' at Pembroke Lodge nursing home in Minto

 Happy couple: Philip and Maureen Taylor

Happy couple: Philip and Maureen Taylor

Philip and Maureen Taylor relived the magic of their 1969 wedding day during a special celebration at Pembroke Lodge Nursing Home, earlier this month.

Mr Taylor visits his wife, a dementia resident, at the Minto aged care facility daily and was thrilled when staff offered to help the couple enjoy a memorable 50th wedding anniversay.

"I only gave them two day's notice," Mr Taylor admitted.

It didn't matter though - 48 hours later on Friday, August 9, a mock wedding complete with bridal dress, a ring, wedding march, guests and high tea had been organised.

Mrs Taylor, who is still very slim, donned her original wedding gown after spending the morning having her hair and make-up professionally done.

Dementia has robbed her of the ability to speak but she was all smiles on the day and delighted to be the focus of so much attention.

"Maureen was pointing and waving at people all day," Mr Taylor said.

Mrs Taylor, a fashion fan, owned the Nasturtium Recycled Fashion boutique in Campbelltown's Spotlight arcade for many years.

Mr Taylor knew his wife would like to wear her bridal gown again.

"She absolutely loved clothes and dressing up," he said. "The wedding dress was safe in plastic and I knew where it was, I also found the ring."

Mr Taylor forgot nothing, he even downloaded the wedding march and streamed it via bluetooth while he and Mrs Taylor walked together down a Lodge hallway to meet guests and staff waiting for them in the resident lounge.

A high tea with champagne and Mrs Taylor's favourite red velvet cake ensured the occasion was a total success.

Pembroke Lodge recreational officer Sharon Pitterling was full of praise for Mr Taylor. "He's really, devoted to Maureen, it's lovely to see," she said.

"Philip wanted to make sure Maureen looked spiffy, so we arranged for her hair to be done and even for her nails to be painted red.

"At their original wedding Maureen carried a posy of daisies, so Philip went and bought exactly the same for this event.

"He made Maureen happy, she was smiling and there was a moment of real clarity."

The Taylor's original wedding was held at St John's Church in Camden.

A newspaper clipping from that event remains a prized possession.