Governments must commit to airport rail link in Macarthur: MP

Macarthur MP Dr Mike Freelander has urgently called on the state and federal governments to commit to linking Macarthur to the upcoming Western Sydney Airport by rail.

Dr Freelander (Labor) said it was vitally important that the growing Macarthur region had direct rail access to the new airport.

"Without adequate access to the airport through public transport infrastructure, Macarthur residents will likely miss out on the opportunities this development will provide in terms of jobs and economic growth," he said.

"Given the rapid growth and development we are seeing in south-west Sydney, it is irresponsible for federal and state Liberal National governments to continue to deny our region adequate investment in vital infrastructure projects."

Dr Freelander said it was necessary for a rail line to be constructed, for use by commuters and freight, in order for the new airport and aerotropolis to be a success.

The state government has committed to providing a north-south rail connection from St Marys to the new airport at Badgerys Creek before its expected opening date in 2026. The project is worth more than $2 billion.

However, Dr Freelander thinks a link to the Macarthur region is also required as soon as possible.

Camden MP Peter Sidgreaves (Liberal) said he agreed with Dr Freelander's calls and would happily support a link to the Macarthur region "sooner rather than later".

"I think you'll find there already is a plan to link Macarthur to the airport in the 2056 Future Transport strategy," he said.

"I think Narellan is a really important place for rail, and I have personally spoken to the Premier about the need for rail infrastructure here."

Dr Freelander said "a rail link via Leppington and Macarthur is necessary to service the massive population growth projected for Western Sydney over the coming years" and would "facilitate movement onto the CBD while ensuring commuters are not made to travel via Parramatta".

Mr Sidgreaves agreed and said he would love to see a link to both, but would need more information on the cost required to develop rail lines to both Leppington and Macarthur stations.

He encouraged interested residents to contact their local MPs with their thoughts about rail connections and said he personally welcomed calls from constituents.