Camden baker's cupcakes bring hundreds of foodies to town

When Rhiannon Bentley decided to open a cupcake shop in Camden she never imagined she would be selling out every day.

The talented 24-year-old opened Sweet Treats By Rhi in the Capitol Arcade last week and has been selling out well before closing time each day.

Ms Bentley said she made thousands of fresh cupcakes each day and was shocked to see them prove so popular.

"I didn't expect there to be a line outside the door every day," the Werombi resident said.

"It is very flattering that people are willing to line up just to try my cupcakes.

"We have sold out every day before 1pm."

Ms Bentley's passion for baking grew from a young age.

"I was never really a kid who liked baking but then one day I gave it a go and just really enjoyed it," she said.

"I started out just baking for family and friends, then adding a few customers - soon I was going out to local markets.

"I did AnnanROMA [festival] the past two years and sold out each day.

"From there things got bigger and I started making all kinds of sweet treats but cupcakes are what I am most known for."

The former Elderslie High School student spends 16 hours a day baking and selling her cupcakes.

Ms Bentley said she chose flavours based on what people seemed to like most.

"At the moment the most popular flavours are the chocolate malt donut, Tim Tam and chocolate," she said.

"They seem to sell out the fastest."

Camden businesses along Argyle Street have been struggling to stay afloat with new shopping centres drawing people away from the once bustling town centre.

However, Ms Bentley's business fits right in with the Camden Business Collective's plan to turn the main street into a dining destination.

"I think we have been so successful so far because we are focusing only on cupcakes - it's a bit of a niche business," she said.

"I think people should come down and give them a try - they are baked by myself, fresh every day."