Woollies helps Camden fish and horticulture facility to expand

History is being made in Cobbitty.

The suburb is home to the world's largest integrated fish and horticulture facility - Green Camel.

The facility's glasshouses have the capability to grow food and barramundi year round.

The 'agtech' farming group has been chosen as the first New South Wales beneficiary of the Woolworths Organic Growth Fund.

The $250,000 grant will allow Green Camel to expand production capabilities and build a protected cropping area to grow organic raspberries and blueberries using its unique growing system.

Green Camel founder and chairman Adam Steel said their technology was helping agriculture in the region to thrive.

"In an environment where water is becoming an increasingly precious commodity, our farming model is thriving," he said.

"We use our water reservoirs to grow fish, and every single drop used in aquaculture is then used to grow crops.

"It means every drop of water and every joule of sunshine is accountable.

"We are striving to deliver consistent organic produce within an industry that has traditionally been subject to substantial production variability.

"We are grateful to Woolies for their support and look forward to meeting the evolving demands of consumers seeking highly quality, organic produce at a good price."

Woolworths has seen demand for organic produce grow at a rate of 20 percent year-on-year for the past five years.

The $30 million Organic Growth Fund was established to help Australian farmers boost production and consistency of supply to meet the growing consumer demand.

Woolworths head of produce Paul Turner said the organic produce trend was only set to grow in the years ahead.

"We're delighted to be working with local organic farmers like Green Camel to build the capacity that will allow us to meet the growing demand for organic produce," he said.

"Green Camel has invested in a highly sustainable and innovative system to grow organic tomatoes and leafy greens, and it's fantastic to see them expand into berry production.

"We're excited to see what this Organic Growth Fund grant will unlock for Green Camel and our mutual customers."

Woolworths has opened the second grant round of the Organic Growth Fund. Organic growers can read more about the fund and apply at: woolworths.com.au/organicgrowthfund