Meditation technique helps create harmony and balance


DISSOLVE STRESS: Robert Cookson wants to create a calmer world through mindfulness and meditation.

DISSOLVE STRESS: Robert Cookson wants to create a calmer world through mindfulness and meditation.

A desire to help people find inner peace prompted Robert Cookson to set up his website about 12 months ago.

Offering the Nafina Meditation Technique as a free downloadable program, the Campbelltown man hopes to help people reduce the levels of stress, anxiety and anger they carry around with them.

He believes such emotions can lead to addictive and compulsive behaviours which result in poor physical and mental health.

"I want to help people find the peace that's already within them and to reconnect to it each day to dissolve the stress in the stillness created during meditation," Mr Cookson said.

"This, in turn, has a positive effect on everybody around that person and then creates harmony and balance in their lives."

If you benefit from the program you can simply make a donation via the website. You also have the option of having Nafina Meditation Technique classes at your home or workplace to learn the method quickly and easily.

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"I have kept the technique very simple so you will experience results fast, feel calmer and more relaxed and be better equipped for what life throws at you," Mr Cookson said.

"You will find you start to respond to situations appropriately, instead of reacting to them adversely, which is a very common cause of conflict in the world.

"What makes unique is that I approach it head on and ask people to take a look at themselves and to be honest about how they are travelling. Are they actually happy? Or could they be missing something perhaps?"

Mr Cookson said he derived "a sense of togetherness and connectedness" from helping those in need.

"I love working with people locally and meeting people in person as it's a far more natural and organic way to learn from each other and to do business," he said.

"With communities being in decline all over the world, we should all be doing our bit to stitch those communities back together again. Helping people tackle stress and anxiety and curb addictions, lose weight and find peace - changing their experience - is hugely rewarding."

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