Council works hard to rebuild Campbelltown's image

Queen Street, Campbelltown
Queen Street, Campbelltown

Campbelltown is many things: community-driven, diverse, charitable and welcoming.

But some parts of Sydney think of Campbelltown in a more negative light.

Words like 'bogan', 'criminal', 'houso' and 'dero' tend to get thrown around by people unfamiliar with the vibrant city.

But Campbelltown Council is working hard to ensure the future view of Campbelltown across the state is more reflective of the area's true nature.

Staff have consulted with community members and 'brand experts' in the past five months to rebuild Campbelltown's brand identity.

Mayor George Brticevic said it was important to make sure the broader perception of Campbelltown was accurate to the city's current and future identity.

"Any type of organisation needs to evolve and keep its brand up to date," he said.

"Lots of people thought we were just talking about changing the council's logo when the Campbelltown rebranding project came up, and while that is part of it, it's much more than that.

"The story of Campbelltown is evolving and growing and will continue to evolve.

"It makes economic sense to encourage businesses to the area by showcasing all the good stuff about Campbelltown, not the idea that some people from other parts of Sydney have about our city."

Mawson Park, Campbelltown

Mawson Park, Campbelltown

Cr Brticevic said people outside of Macarthur didn't always "have the best view" of Campbelltown, which was why it was so important to invest in rebranding.

The council is almost ready to release its findings after extensive community consultation in the City Identity and Branding project.

More than 1000 people shared their thoughts during consultation sessions, surveys and personal interviews.

These people ranged from Campbelltown residents to visitors and observers of the city.

"Everyone's feedback will be applied to write the story about Campbelltown, who we are and what we stand for as a community." Cr Brticevic said.

"This is a really important piece of work that will raise the profile and build a new understanding of Campbelltown that we can stand behind as being authentic to us.

"I want people to proudly say they are from Campbelltown and then tell the world."

Councillor Ben Moroney said the rebranding was not just for people outside of the area, but inside it too.

He said it was unfortunate that many locals would blame the council for things they weren't happy with, but very rarely gave the council credit for jobs well done.

"We want people to associate the council with the things we do well, to build that communication with the community and build up some good will," he said.

"When residents see people working on a verge or one of our garbage trucks driving by, we want them to recognise that they're doing council work and keeping the city running."

The information gathered from the community consultation will be presented to the council in August.