Camden and Narellan hotels removed from states most violent venues list

Camden and Narellan Hotels have been removed from the list of the state's most violent venues.

The popular local haunts were among 12 venues listed on the Liquor and Gaming NSW report last year.

However this time the venues managed to escape the list.

Camden Liquor Accord president Steve Wisbey said both venues had worked hard to ensure they didn't appear on the list again.

"They adhered to the police's stringent requests and did everything they could to improve customer safety," he said.

Both Macarthur pubs were categorised as level two venues, which included limitations such as the cessation of alcohol service 30 minutes prior to closing, no glass containers past midnight, no DJs and active distribution of water.

Camden Hotel-goers also had their identification card or license scanned and a picture taken upon entry.

The ID scanner was linked to a database which contained a list of banned visitors.

While the pub owners are no longer required to continue enforcing these restrictions, they can choose to do so if they wish.

Mr Wisbey said he was supportive of any measures that needed to be put in place to protect people's safety.

"If the ID scanners keep the hoodlums out then so be it," he said.

"The fact that the [Camden Hotel and Narellan Hotel] aren't on the list anymore is a positive indication that the steps they have taken have worked.

"The problem is the individuals that come to our local venues and want to cause trouble or the people under the age of 18 trying to get drunk.

"Business owners are losing their livelihoods because these people can't take responsibility for their own actions."

Mr Wisbey said Camden licensees worked closely with local police to ensure anti-social behaviour was not tolerated.

"Nobody wants to be on these lists and venues work hard to ensure that they aren't," he said.

"I just feel very much for the businesses involved as I know that no licensed venue owner wants their business to be known as a violent venue."

The number of licensed premises on the violent venues list has halved from 12 to six in the past six months.

Liquor and Gaming NSW deputy secretary Paul Newson said these latest results were the best in several years and part of a long-term downward trend in the level of violent incidents.

"Our state's hotels, clubs and bars recognise that running a violent venue is not just bad for patrons, it's also bad for business," he said.

"For just the second time since the scheme began in 2008, there are no venues in the highest level one category, while the number of level two venues has fallen from 10 to six.

"These results indicate our state's licensed venues are now safer than they've ever been.

"It's great news that people can enjoy nights out with far lower risk of alcohol-related violence.

"The NSW Government has taken strong action and worked closely with industry professionals to achieve these highly encouraging results."

The current violent venues list includes:

  • Ivy, Sydney
  • The Coast Hotel, Coffs Harbour
  • Belmore Hotel, Maitland
  • Ivanhoe Hotel, Manly
  • Penrith Rugby League Club, Penrith
  • The Argyle Sydney, The Rocks