Harrington Park collector has more than 250 Monopoly boards

There are all sorts of collectors out there: stamp collectors, coin collectors, trading card collectors.

But Don Heard is a different kind of collector.

His prize of choice? Monopoly boards.

The Harrington Park resident has accumulated more than 250 different Monopoly boards from all around the globe in the past 12 years - and he's constantly on the look-out for more.

"It's a bit of fun, I enjoy finding new editions to add to the collection," Mr Heard said.

"There's more than 2000 Monopoly editions out there, so there's obviously a lot I still don't have."

The retiree keeps an alphabetical list of all 282 Monopoly boards he owns, which comes in handy when friends and family find an edition they think he might need.

"They are a bit like my minions out there," Mr Heard said.

"My kids, our friends, even people I used to work with will often call or send me a message saying 'Don, have you got this one?'.

"I'll check the list and see."

But it's not just Mr Heard that the family has to be on the look-out for - it's also his twin brother Douglas.

There's a light competition between the two to see who can find the most unique boards.

"He's got just a few more than me, the bugger," Mr Heard said.

The fascination with Monopoly began in 2007 when Mr Heard's wife Irene picked out an Elvis Presley board from Peter's of Kensington.

From then on, he has been slowly building the collection, adding editions as obscure as Assassin's Creed, Back to the Future, Sydney Bridge Climb, Coca Cola, Harry Potter, Michael Jackson, Nintendo, Sailor Moon, Titanic and so many more.

He's also picked up boards in his worldwide travels.

"I've got some from New York, Baltimore, Germany, Scotland, the London Underground stations, Dubai, Singapore, South Africa - if I hear about a new Monopoly board when I'm overseas, I just have to get it," he said.

"My wife and I have a trip coming up in August that's going to take us from American to Europe and through the Mediterranean - I'm already planning on taking the biggest bag I can, not taking too many clothes, so I've got room for the Monopoly boards.

"They're quite bulky to bring back so in the past I've even thrown out some clothes while on a trip to make room."

Despite his huge collection, Mr Heard doesn't typically play the game.

In fact, almost every board is in mint, unopened condition.

The exceptions - an edition from The Block containing a token which could have won Mr Heard one of the apartments built on the show and a one-of-a-kind board called 'Donopoly'.

"When I retired from my job, my managers and everyone knew about my Monopoly collection, so they had a special board made and called it Donopoly - they even put my face on it," he said.

Every square on the board was personalised with the name of a business Mr Heard had dealt with in his time at the company. Instead of 'Go to Jail' the board read 'Go to Work'.

When the collector heard that Camden Council was pursuing its own Monopoly board, Mr Heard got in touch with the council to share his enthusiasm and offer his help.

"I don't care what it is, if I can be involved in this in any way, I want to help," he said.

"I also heard there was talk of Campbelltown having its own board.

"They must do that. We've got to have one - how can you pass up that opportunity."