Ambarvale Hotel brings inner-city vibes to the west: Photos

Tomahawk steaks, homegrown beers and a modern decor - the new and improved Ambarvale Hotel brings "inner-city ambiance to the west".

Second-generation publican Colin Parras has been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from customers since the Woodhouse Drive venue revealed its multi-million dollar transformation late last month.

Mr Parras said one of the most exciting parts of the pub's renovation was the brand new microbrewery called Ambarvale Brewing Co.

"We've got two fresh new beers on tap from the microbrewery," Mr Parras said.

"The first is Pete's Pacific Ale, which was named after my father, and the second is Woodhouse Lager, named for the street we're on.

"It's selling very well so far.

"These beers are made here on site, with the same water you use to brush your teeth.

"You don't get anything fresher than this."

There are also a range of craft beers on offer, as well all the standard drops.

Mr Parras said hotel staff had worked hard to create a menu that was both mouth-watering and affordable.

"You don't have to go into the city to experience the best in pub dining and atmosphere," he said.

"You can get it all here in Campbelltown - it's different than anything else around.

"It's been so great to see people getting behind the new menu.

"With something like the tomahawk steak, you expect that people will order that for dinner or on a weekend, but we sold two on a Monday lunchtime - the quietest lunch of the week. That's a really great sign."

These beers are made here on site, with the same water you use to brush your teeth. You don't get anything fresher than this.

Publican Colin Parras

The new kitchen will see dishes prepared over flame and pizzas cooked in a woodfire oven.

Mr Parras said hotel staff were still getting the hang of the transformed venue and appreciated the patience of patrons in these early days.

He said it was a great feeling to bring such an exciting new space to locals and he hoped they enjoyed it as much as he did.