OPINION | Another day, another doctor

Do you ever have weeks that are just more 'medical' than others?

You know, those times when you haven't been to the doctor for months, then suddenly you're on a first name basis with the receptionist at the medical centre and able to keep up with news of her daughter's wedding preparation on a day-to-day basis.

Well, we're having one of those weeks in my house.

My son (in addition to a number of cuts and grazes from multiple sources) has broken his toe, which has so far involved two GP visits, an x-ray and a squeezed-in, urgent appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon.

My husband has torn a muscle, and may be coming down with the flu.

I, myself, have an unusual number of complaints - unusual not because I normally boast glowing health, but because I don't often put myself in the way of a rugby ball, or go slamming down the ramp at the skateparks, like other people I could name.

So far in the last week I've had an iron infusion, stepped on a sea urchin, shaved said sea urchin spikes out with a razor (don't try this at home), got a tetanus shot (may have had something to do with the razor) and injured both forefingers with kitchen implements.

You should see me type - I look like a old person using a computer for the first time.

I can't even use my fingerprint on my phone because of all the bandaids.

Some would blame the moon or the stars.

I blame the school holidays.

It'll be fun, they said. Go to the beach, go to the skatepark, throw a ball around, they said. And get around to cooking up that gigantic pumpkin sitting in the kitchen (something a person with my knife skills should never be allowed to do).

Of course, these are all minor in the scheme of things, for with I'm thankful. There have been times in the past, as I know is the case with many people, when I wouldn't have been making light of a week of doctor's appointments.

That makes cut fingers and broken toes almost a welcome relief. But the fact remains - I'm looking forward to school going back.